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Round-up for the Week of 1/13/14

In case you missed it:

We are now selling our products at Metcalfe’s Market in Wauwatosa! Instead of ordering online, Wauwatosa residents now have the convenience of shopping at their local market for our delicious products. http://shopmetcalfes.com (available in-store only)

Head cheese is traditionally used for crackers, but here’s an awesome recipe to make a loaf full of different flavors and seasonings. Spice it up however you like! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/160370436700761162/

We love local (since we are ourselves), but have you tried taking the Local Challenge? Support your community and think outside the box when it comes to goods and services. http://localfirstmilwaukee.com/living-local/take-the-local-challenge/

See you all next week!

- Amy