Here it is 2011! What does that mean for you? How will you show up this year? Is this the beginning of lasting positive change? Will we individually, locally, nationally or globally rise to the occasion to do the things that are best for all of our highest goods? What assessments and conclusions have you arrived at that will form the basis of your living your lives more positively? Are you consciously present and responsible? Are you indifferent to the realities of our world? What do you care about? Are you a catalyst for positive change? What impact will political and religious decisions have on your life? How aware are you? These and so many more questions demand answers! There are so many aspects of our lives that deserve investigation, that needs to be given serious consideration, and queried. I invite you all to have the courage to search yourselves and ask, how can I become more. I say just have the willingness not to resist and allow the path to positive change to show itself to you. Courage! If we can live courageously, we can individually and collectively better nuture our families, neighborhoods, nations and our planet – one life at a time! I wish you all an abundance of courage and blessings throughout 2011. Live, love, and prosper in the light of all that is Holy! Have the courage to be the best and to do the right things! I challenge you to have a over the top superb a licious new year!!!


With determination and intense resolve, she gathered all of her strength to descend into her family room to watch her children, grand children, great grand children, nieces, nephews, and friends embroiled in the spirit of Christmas. She stood there weakly, quietly soaking in the ambience of all of the energy gathered in the house that was the epicenter of her family whom she adored and loved so magnificently. I stood by her side studying her frail diminshed frame, as she watched her family enjoying the tradition of gift exchange, knowing this was the last time God had given her to experience her bloodline together at Christmas. I wondered if she thought this knowledge of her impending death was a curse or a gift. I believe she took that knowledge as a gift of opportunity and she chose to be present in the last moments that the grace of God had given her. I invite you to be present in the many moments of grace that God gives us and love and appreciate your families, your life’s many gifts and every moment as if it were your last. Life changes as rapidly as the blink of an eye and we may not have the opportunity to be conscious about a last moment. We take so much for granted! We waste so many present moments. We assume we will always have time. We loose touch with what is really important in this life – allowing our souls to be filled with the light of love. If we could be in each moment and allow the light to guide us, we would routinely pause to notice and assess our lives, its influences, contributions and effects/affects continually – purposely. I wish you all many conscious and blessed celebrations everyday as though each day were Christmas. For this day though, this moment, Merry Christmas to all of you. Cherish this day’s tradition of the spirit of the season!! Give thanks! Cherish God! Cherish your families! Cherish love! Cherish present time! Cherish life! Cherish yourselves! Cherish! Cherish! Cherish!


I am always amazed and caught off guard regarding the passage of time. I shouldn’t be but I am. Watching my beautiful daughters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and an assortment of rich and not so rich relationships blossom and become more. Wow! How blessed I am to have the opportunities of time. How blessed we all are! It doesn’t matter that time moves fast or slow as passage of time is always a matter of perspective. It matters that we choose to be present in this moment of time, because the times of tomorrow are not promised to us. All we have is today! I say appreciate time’s right now! Give thanks for time’s opportunities of today! Care about life, people, our earth, faith, love, integrity, honor and yourselves today! Tomorrow’s time and experiences will come and go…Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Ooowee to time – to life – to opportunities! Give thanks for time! Live joyfully and fully! Visualize your dreams and traditions to leverage into tomorrow’s time. Blessings to you all today and all of your tomorrows! AND remember – Glorious Malone’s Headcheese is sexy – enjoy some today!!


If you wait until your body is completely dehydrated before you drink something or completely emaciated before you eat something, your body can get far out of balance.  While it is possible to eventually bring your body back to a state of Well-Being – it is much easier to maintain a healthy physical balance than to recover it after losing it.

Most people never put themselves into the dramatic situation where they are without water or food to the point of doing damage to their physical bodies; however it is not uncommon for people to deprive their bodies of something equally important: alignment with Source Energy.

In the same way that it is a good idea to drink when you feel the indication of thirst – and therefore maintain your Well-Being long before dehydration is experienced – it is equally important to change the thought and release resistance at the first indication of negative emotion.  For while it is certainly possible to withstand negative emotion for long periods of time, it is not the optimal experience for the cells of your physical body.

When you learn to release resistance in the early, subtle stages, your physical body must thrive.  Thriving is what is natural to you.


This 7 of 32 practical expanded quotes excerpted from Abraham’s new Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide


I have experienced yet another change of seasons, another change of time and changes in conducting business.  Additionally, I am experiencing yet another level of metamorphosis of Malone’s – you know, where Gourmet Headcheese is sexy.  All of these movements of change have guided me to look at me…my own experience of change.   Sometimes change, not to mention a multitude of simultaneous changes, feels overwhelmingly daunting.  But when I take a moment to breathe – literally breathe – I am able to meld with the vibration of change; not resisting allows me to become aligned and enables me to listen.  I am looking forward to the experiences in these last months of this year that will propel me towards the changes awaiting in yet another year. (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!) The anticipation of the possibilities feels quite jazzy!! I wish you all an abundance of jazziness! Embrace your life’s invitations to align with positive vibrations.  Don’t resist!  Do allow!  Vibrate!


When I throw my passion into an idea, in that moment, I believe that this is where my passion will lie forever!  I live it, I breathe it, I consume it, I am heightened by that passion…then life throws the surprise and the intention of my passion shifts or divides…to that next passionate idea, the next passionate sequence of events.  But the surprise is that each experience, in the passage of time of such smoldering  ideas, is a building block toward yet another level of existence.  The frequency of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibration changes. There are no accidents.  Each moment leads to another moment that will challenge and/or enhance your passions and your state of being.  Look for the gift in the surprises. Let life’s surprises keep raising the bar for you to live your passions!


Webster says that a  tradition is a story, a belief, a custom, a proverb, a practice, etc. handed down from generation to generation.  It also states that a traditionist is the upholder of tradition; a transmitter, recorder, or student of tradition.  

What tradition do you want to perpetuate into the future?

Consider the worth of your many traditions and measure them carefully.  Nurture the many potential traditionist in your families and give them the gift of a custom, a story, a practice,  a belief, etc. to pass on.  Keep the information of tradition available for generation after generation to grab onto and carry forward. 

Traditions keep our history and our worlds alive.  Pass them on!  Your generation depends on it!

Did you know?

I was asked recently to explain the difference between souse meat and sulz. I thought you might find the response of interest:  Headcheese is known throughout the world by different names.  In the south, headcheese is also known as souse or souse meat.  In Germany, sulz is one of the names headcheese is known by in that country.  The difference between these two are the recipes for souse and sulz.  Milwaukee Wisconsin is populated with generations, from both the south and Germany, who brought with them many traditional recipes.  Headcheese was one of them.  Although the recipes are different, we have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate each delectable rendition of headcheese.

Headcheese you say?

It is always interesting to begin a conversation about our signature product Gourmet Headcheese.  Either the look on the face is quizzical,  shows hints of utter disbelief or oh yeah, I know about Malone’s. I love to introduce our headcheese to new faces.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue the tradition of Malone’s Gourmet Headcheese.  When I see the struggle behind the eyes with the name headcheese, I begin by saying that our headcheese is not what you have been accustomed to seeing.  It has a smooth texture, and an appetizing appearance which triggers the anticipation of the tantalization of the taste buds.  You only have to see our Gourmet Headcheese to believe it and once you taste our delicious pork product….you will know if its for you or not.  Our headcheese is a winner.  A definite rock star! It is so awesome to hear the joy so many of our customers share about their experiences with Malone’s for 30 years. Thank you all for your loyalty to Malone’s and your taste buds. Headcheese you say?  With the biggest smile, I say Absolutely!  I do indeed!  How about you?  Let me know!  Click here to see more about our infamous headcheese

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