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Round-Up for the Week of 1/20/14

In case you missed it:

On Tuesday, I visited the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee studio to talk to an underwriter about doing sponsorship. If all goes through, expect to see – and hear – us more often!

I love cheese as much as the next Wisconsinite, and of course smoked sausage is in my list of favorite foods. Pairing them up is absolutely genius.

A lot of us enjoy the taste of fine wine, but how much do you pay attention to its label? From now through the 29th, you can experience the art of the fine wine label at the InterContinental (and experience its taste, too!) Fun fact: My father has a friend in California who actually makes wine labels! Expect to see my face at at least one of these events.

- Amy

Round-up for the Week of 1/13/14

In case you missed it:

We are now selling our products at Metcalfe’s Market in Wauwatosa! Instead of ordering online, Wauwatosa residents now have the convenience of shopping at their local market for our delicious products. (available in-store only)

Head cheese is traditionally used for crackers, but here’s an awesome recipe to make a loaf full of different flavors and seasonings. Spice it up however you like!

We love local (since we are ourselves), but have you tried taking the Local Challenge? Support your community and think outside the box when it comes to goods and services.

See you all next week!

- Amy


Happy New Year!

With a new year brings me – the newest addition to Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage. My name is Amy, and I am the new Social Media Manager for the company. I will be keeping everyone up-to-date with the inner workings of Malone’s on this blog, as well as updating and answering you, the consumer, through our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Daphne’s got huge ideas for 2014, and you will want to be there to see them put into action!

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- Amy, Social Media Manager