Welcoming New Members

With the expansion process underway, it became necessary for Malone’s to hire new employees. We are happy to welcome Don Kiepert and Dasha Kelly to Malone’s. Don will be our director of sales. This is an extremely important position at this time. He will be visiting stores throughout the Midwest, selling our products. With Don’s help, Malone’s will continue to increase the number of areas that headcheese fans can find our Gourmet products. Dasha Kelly will be the new Marketing Coordinator. Julie Schumann, previous Marketing Coordinator, received a position interning at Red Frog Events, in Chicago. We are very sad to see her go but immensely proud of her. She has a bright future and Malone’s is fortunate to have helped her prepare for it. Dasha has had much experience in marketing and public relations. She will be using her developed skills to increase awareness of Malone’s. These two new members are going to be key factors in pursuing Malone’s vision to globally advance our Gourmet Headcheese. We are confident they will be fantastic additions to the team and excited about our future together.

My last week as a summer intern

As summer comes to an end, I reflect on the past few months. My previous summers have been merely breaks from the difficult requirements of schooling. This regularly resulted in me feeling rusty at the start of each school year. That is not going to be the case this time. Interning at Malone’s Fine Sausage helped develop and sharpen the skills I acquired from school. Having no previous experience in marketing, outside the classroom, this learning experience was unbelievably beneficial. I will be going into my senior year at Marquette University with increased knowledge and confidence thanks to my time at Malone’s. I am so grateful that Daphne Jones, president and CEO, and Julie Schumann, Marketing Coordinator, gave me the opportunity to be a part of their team. Although the internship is coming to an end, August 17, I will not be leaving Malone’s. I am attached to the people and the product. Malone’s is a special place that makes me better prepared for my future every day. The more I put into the company, the more valuable lessons I receive. I look forward to continuing the learning experience through the school year.

-Jake Dolan

Glorious Malone’s brought Southern style to the land of cheese

In Business Wisconsin, the premier business-to-business publication in the greater Madison area, recently published an excellent article on Malone’s. Our unique past, successful present, and promising future are topics touched in the article, titled “Glorious Malone’s brought Southern Style to the land of cheese.” The story of Glorious Malone is told through quotes by Daphne, president and CEO, along with general background information about the company. The unique story is followed by Daphne’s goals for the company, including expansion throughout the country and ultimately globally. This well-written piece does an exceptional job highlighting the culture and pride of Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage. We are thankful to In Business Wisconsin for recognizing the positive attributes that make us who we are. Read the full article here http://bit.ly/PzO5A6.

Malone’s Products Now in Cermak

We are happy to announce our products are being carried by the new Milwaukee Cermak store. The grocery store opened on July 11th on Miller Park Way. It is a large establishment with an excellent selection of groceries that will be appreciated by Milwaukee residents. Malone’s is proud to have its products in the Cermak store. We believe it is a perfect location for our Gourmet Headcheese and Country Pate to be sold. On a visit to Cermak, Daphne Jones, president and CEO of Malone’s, even overheard a customer asking about headcheese. Hopefully this is a promising sign for the future of our products in this store. Visit Cermak today to purchase Malone’s Gourmet Headcheese and Country Pate. Check out the Cermak website at http://www.cermakfreshmarket.com/.