When I throw my passion into an idea, in that moment, I believe that this is where my passion will lie forever!  I live it, I breathe it, I consume it, I am heightened by that passion…then life throws the surprise and the intention of my passion shifts or divides…to that next passionate idea, the next passionate sequence of events.  But the surprise is that each experience, in the passage of time of such smoldering  ideas, is a building block toward yet another level of existence.  The frequency of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibration changes. There are no accidents.  Each moment leads to another moment that will challenge and/or enhance your passions and your state of being.  Look for the gift in the surprises. Let life’s surprises keep raising the bar for you to live your passions!


Webster says that a  tradition is a story, a belief, a custom, a proverb, a practice, etc. handed down from generation to generation.  It also states that a traditionist is the upholder of tradition; a transmitter, recorder, or student of tradition.  

What tradition do you want to perpetuate into the future?

Consider the worth of your many traditions and measure them carefully.  Nurture the many potential traditionist in your families and give them the gift of a custom, a story, a practice,  a belief, etc. to pass on.  Keep the information of tradition available for generation after generation to grab onto and carry forward. 

Traditions keep our history and our worlds alive.  Pass them on!  Your generation depends on it!