Food Trends for 2014

What can you expect from 2014 as far as food goes?  From desserts to culture to even where you can get food, some innovations could be made. Here are what experts are claiming will be the top trends in food for 2014.

Dessert first!
Cupcakes and traditional desserts are making their way out for stranger combinations, such as dessert pizza (which just happens to be one of my favorite desserts). Also, expect ice cream sandwiches to get a fancier makeover.

Would you like paper or plastic with that?
With the popularity of mobile grocery shopping on the rise, experts are saying that certain stores are starting to implement the idea of “drive-thru shopping”: ordering ingredients and products on line, then going to a drive-thru window at the store to pick them up.

I left my heart – and stomach – in Indianapolis.
The Food Channel has midwestern foods as their top food trend this year. Expect to see restaurants incorporating more simple and hearty choices which include local ingredients, root vegetables, and steak. Good news for us Milwaukeeans!

These are just a few of the many trends predicted for 2014. Keep your eyes – and mouth – open, and let us know what you think will be trending in 2014 for food!

- Amy

Round-Up for the Week of 1/20/14

In case you missed it:

On Tuesday, I visited the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee studio to talk to an underwriter about doing sponsorship. If all goes through, expect to see – and hear – us more often!

I love cheese as much as the next Wisconsinite, and of course smoked sausage is in my list of favorite foods. Pairing them up is absolutely genius.

A lot of us enjoy the taste of fine wine, but how much do you pay attention to its label? From now through the 29th, you can experience the art of the fine wine label at the InterContinental (and experience its taste, too!) Fun fact: My father has a friend in California who actually makes wine labels! Expect to see my face at at least one of these events.

- Amy

Round-up for the Week of 1/13/14

In case you missed it:

We are now selling our products at Metcalfe’s Market in Wauwatosa! Instead of ordering online, Wauwatosa residents now have the convenience of shopping at their local market for our delicious products. (available in-store only)

Head cheese is traditionally used for crackers, but here’s an awesome recipe to make a loaf full of different flavors and seasonings. Spice it up however you like!

We love local (since we are ourselves), but have you tried taking the Local Challenge? Support your community and think outside the box when it comes to goods and services.

See you all next week!

- Amy


Happy New Year!

With a new year brings me – the newest addition to Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage. My name is Amy, and I am the new Social Media Manager for the company. I will be keeping everyone up-to-date with the inner workings of Malone’s on this blog, as well as updating and answering you, the consumer, through our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Daphne’s got huge ideas for 2014, and you will want to be there to see them put into action!

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- Amy, Social Media Manager 

The Holidays

Malone’s headcheese was originally a seasonal product, shared by the Malones with friends and family. That is why during this time of the year we at Malone’s are reminded of just how this company began. It all started with a small neighborhood store on the corner of 6th and Hadley operated by husband-and-wife team George and Glorious Malone, the store offered basic provisions, household items, penny candy and deli meats. It was at this store where Glorious Malone started taking orders for her headcheese.  We are reminded how that small store developed its specialty product into a thriving small business. So during this time of thanksgiving we are grateful for what once was, what now is and what will be.

-Charlie Gardella

Autumn at Malone’s

Autumn is really upon us as of late and even though the weather is getting colder and colder, Malone’s has been making frequent appearances to showcase our headcheese and pates. Last week we were at the Wisconsin Grocers Association Innovation Expo at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells and appeared at Madison’s Isthmus Food and Wine Festival. We like nothing more than bringing our product to those who have never tried headcheese or who have never even heard of it.

Malone’s also proudly received first runner up in the Governor’s Conference for small sized Outstanding Woman-Owned Business Award. Everyone here is very grateful for the award.

Lastly, we were featured on Fox 6 News’ Real Milwaukee segment. During the show Kyle Cherek of the PBS series “Wisconsin Foodie” introduced some new foods to the Fox News’ cast. Our headcheese was sampled and received positive reactions.

Check out the Real Milwaukee segment by clicking this link!

Malone’s on Real Milwaukee

Fall Frenzy

The Malone’s team has been working hard these past few weeks attending the Scale Up Milwaukee Scalerator sessions. These sessions have been delving deep into the world of sales and marketing, assisting Malone’s and other local businesses in harnessing their full potential.

Malone’s has also been a part of other events including the ACF Chefs of Milwaukee Full Belly Fundraiser, Brewfest and the African American Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business Series Luncheon “Journey of Powerful women”.

Lastly, on October 15 and 16 the Malone’s team will have a booth at this year’s Wisconsin Grocers Association Innovation Expo at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Needless to say everyone at Malone’s has been busy working in and outside the building.

Interviews and Workshops

Malone’s has been busy these last few weeks. Last week the good people from Wisconsin Foodie came by and interviewed our President and CEO, Daphne Jones. Daphne gave the Foodie crew the full tour of the building and sat down with the host of the hit PBS show to discuss the history of the company, its fantastic products and the future of Malone’s. The episode featuring Malone’s is expected to air in early 2014.

Malone’s has also been selected to participate in Scale Up Milwaukee’s Scalerator program. The Scale Up program is a series of workshops designed to give already successful local businesses the tools to increase sales and improve on the businesses themselves. The face behind Scalerator is Dan Isenberg, a Venture Capitalist who is also a entrepreneurship professor at Babson College. Malone’s expects nothing but great things to come from the Scale Up Milwaukee program and is sure that the workshops will provide useful information and techniques to help the company.

- Charlie Gardella

Social Media and Marketing Intern

First Week at Malone’s

As my first week comes to a close as a Fall intern at Malones a few things are going through my mind. First, how welcoming everyone I have met has been to me. Every time a new face walks through the door they always come and introduce themselves to me and I regret to say that I have met so many that is hard to keep track of everyone’s name. Second, the interns before me have been working hard, not only is there a Malones presence on every large social media website, but I have found pages upon pages of notes detailing the aspirations that the previous interns hoped to accomplish. The real impressive thing about these intern’s goals were they were acted upon, they reached out to the community and sought out new avenues of potential consumers. I have a lot to live up to if I hope to keep up the same quality of work that previous interns have provided. I only hope that I can work with the company to further the Malones brand.

- Charlie Gardella


Think Outside the Cracker.